10 Best Muscle Building Workouts Plan for Men & Women

This article will branch off to other topics of interest dealing with health, nutrition, and muscle-building workouts in our society. The previous article aimed at weight loss exercises.

Let’s get started with “weight loss tips for beginners“; It has become increasingly noticeable that more and more guys are taking the initiative of wanting a fit body or eight pack and perfect body. Weight training or wanting to be the bigger man is the instinct for “US” guys, and it’s inbuilt that to be the pack leader, we have to be bigger and stronger. Let’s face it, we are animals/ primates, and we feel the need to dominate the competition to win the girl across the bar or win at sports against our fellow man or just that feeling of winning to boost our fragile egos.

Women’s weight training is an entirely different scenario. Unless you’re a woman packing some primary Testosterone in her system or loves being the man in a relationship. The majority of women want that sexy-toned model to look to their bodies while being a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man to open a jar of Vegemite.

Muscle Building Workouts Plan For Beginners

Weight training is a broad term in the context of things. This article will have muscle-building workouts and cover the basics of weight training and probably focus on weight training preparation before diving into the exercises and programs. I’ll focus on getting Strength, Toning, Muscle Gain, Muscle Building Workouts in this article on weight training



Join the Gym as most of the weights, equipment, things needed for weight training are located in your gym. Also, investing in a personal trainer will help you achieve your important goals. You can see below the Gym Exercise Plan for Men and Gym Exercise Plan for Women.





Motivation is key to weight training or Muscle Building Workouts to improve from week to week continually. By now, you have probably noticed that I use the words always and grow a lot, and I will keep on saying that until those words have been pounded/ drilled into your brain.

I would recommend, if being alone at the gym or home and you lack motivation, to either have a partner with preferably similar goals and ideas so they can provide that extra motivation each time. They are also having a trainer weekly or for the first few sessions will give you the information needed to take that next step or give you an incentive to keep on going as they monitor progress and keep you in check.


Food Plan

Food Plan

Food Plan

Your diet/ food plan is essential when weight training or muscle building workouts, and knowing the suitable types of food to eat will help your ability to get fitter, stronger, and more significant. Try and eat mostly protein-based food groups when weight training. Protein helps in the recovery process of muscle building because doing weights causes “micro-traumas” to the specific muscle being trained. Here is an example of a food plan during weight training.


Food Plan

Meal 1

Protein Shake, One glass of light milk Six tablespoons of oats, one tablespoon honey Two slices pawpaw One tablespoon of WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) 25gm of Silken Tofu One banana

Meal 2

Two rice crackers Tuna, avocado Fruit 500ml of water

Meal 3

Chicken or red meat Brown rice Green vegetables Salad and a Liter of water

Meal 4

Two boiled eggs Salmon Brown Bread

Meal 5

Grilled Fish or Chicken Green vegetables Fruit and 500ml of water

You can mix what you eat on different days when concentrating on cardio exercises. Some meals are replaced by carbohydrates such as having pasta or cereals instead of just meat dishes.

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Rest Day

Rest Day

Rest Day

Rest is just as important as the previous points mentioned above in muscle-building workouts and weight loss exercises. It takes about 2-3 days for that muscle group to recover; therefore, you shouldn’t train the same muscle on consecutive days as it might cause injury and derail your program.

Getting the minimum 8 hours of sleep will give better results, and 8 hours of rest ensures the maximum time for muscles to repair, build, and get stronger. In today’s society, people seem to only get six or even fewer hours of sleep for reasons such as work, stress, alcohol, television, and the list goes on. However, to achieve your desired goals, sacrifices have to be made, and hard work is involved if you want to achieve strength or muscle gain. Eight hours of sleep isn’t much to ask, and the results will show if you stick to my guidelines and plans.



An important point to consider before diving “arms” first and pumping those weights is “TECHNIQUE.” I would recommend that the first step you take is to research the proper techniques of the exercises mentioned in my program or any other program you look into by yourself.The technique is just as important as any other point mentioned earlier because it prevents injuries that can delay your weight training progress while having long-term problems in the future. I care more about your body being sustainable/healthy throughout your life and having future problems due to improper technique and improper conduct (Easy way of steroids, growth hormones to pack on muscles).

Muscle Building Workouts Plan for Men

Muscle Building Workouts Plan for Men

Muscle Building Workouts Plan for Men

Concentrating on the basics of weight training summarizes the essential initial steps to weight training before we get to the specific exercises and programs. Imagine earlier articles to this website as building blocks to that end goal or peak of a Pyramid. Now imagine those blocks stacked up further after you reach your weight loss goal to another peak to your body’s unlimited potential. That is Weight training and becoming more assertive, more significant, cut, fitter, and the difference between an average body and an impressive physical body you can be proud.

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Gym/ Exercise Plan (for Men)

The best way to describe what exercises to do would be to put out a recommended exercise plan like a benchmark and show through videos (for the more advanced type exercises), pictures, in-depth explanations with the best way to go about it. This article will focus on Muscle building workout plans as weight training generally applies Men and women who want the perfect body. Weight training is a very general concept and is just as crucial for women to do it as men in being a strong independent woman. My following section will focus on Muscle Building Workouts Plan for women.

If you desire to pack on muscle quickly, the old saying is true: You require to train smarter, not harder. For the time being, we will focus on three exercises a day to start with, and as we progressively get stronger, bigger, and fitter, you can branch out to specific muscle groups.


  1. 1Bench press (Muscle group; Chest)
  2. 2Chin up (Muscle group; Back)
  3. 3Deadlift (Muscle group; Lower Back, Quadriceps)

Do 25 total reps of every exercise, using a weight you can lift 5 to 6 times (Except Chin-ups as that is your body weight or could be assisted chin-ups initially) before your speed decreases or your form changes. Rest about 45 to 60 seconds between sets.

Tuesday: Rest

NOTE: If you are considering trying to lose weight or concentrating on getting fitter with cardio exercises. Doing cardio work on alternate days to weight training or those “Rest days mention above” will give you better results faster and give you that desired body sooner than you think.

However, try to have at least one or two days of truly “Rest days” comprising no physical activity.


  1. 1Dumbbell single-arm shoulder press
  2. 2Dumbbell single-arm row (Muscle group: Back and Biceps)
  3. 3Dumbbell lunge or step up (Muscle group; Legs)

Do 40 total reps of every exercise with each arm or each leg, utilizing a weight you can lift 10 to 12 times before your speed decreases or your form changes. Do all the reps of every exercise before resting—Rest 45 to 60 seconds between sets.

Thursday: Rest


  1. 1Barbell bent-over row (Muscle group; Upper Back and Lower Back)
  2. 2Dip (Muscle group; Triceps)
  3. 3Squat (Muscle group; Quadriceps and Glutes)

Saturday and Sundays

Those two days could be your “rest days” or, for better results body-wise, implement cardio work into your routine or repeat one of those muscle-building workouts days into a Saturday or Sunday.


Additional Pointers (for Men)

Every few weeks, try to mix your exercises and routines, so your body is not used to them. For example, instead of doing Monday’s workout on a Monday, do it on a Wednesday and vice versa. This helps with the body never being used to your workouts because once your body gets used to something, the results will plateau, and therefore, muscles will not get bigger. Think of it as a motivating aspect, too, as you are not doing the same thing week in week out.

Always try to improve or do heavier weights each week. Aim at a 15% increase every 2nd week at a minimum. If toning or getting CUT is your goal in weight training, then it’s easy to change the gym/ weight guide around to suit your aim. E.g., instead of doing 4-6 reps with the most substantial weight, you can lift in 15-25; do a total of 40-60 reps or weight where you can lift each set about 12-15. This concentrates on the endurance part of weight training and gives the muscles are more toned or CUT effect without getting more significant.

Muscle Building Workouts Plan for Women

Muscle Building Workouts Plan for Women

Muscle Building Workouts Plan for Women

Let’s start by saying even though this article is somewhat sexist, I am by no means a sexist man, and I am here to help the opposite sex in whatever health needs they might need and want. I was hoping you could think of me as your best friend who can tell you what body parts you need to improve to reach your potential to sexiness.



I’ll use the word “toning” from now on instead of “Weight Training” since for women, any connotations with the word ‘weight,’ and ‘training’ automatically alerts to their profound instinctual nature that it means, “Butch, Fat, gaining weight, junk in the trunk, Rippling Muscles” and the list goes on.

Instinct and physiological nature play a huge part in the difference between “toning” for women and “weight training” for men. Women are attracted to men with a body ratio of 2-1 of 1-1 (That V shape from shoulders to waist), and that’s why men concentrate mainly on the upper body due to women seeing this body shape as the alpha male or leader of the pack that can provide for her.

When toning, women concentrate on the overall “PEAR/ Hourglass” body shape or a ratio of 2-1-2 as men see these traits as being able to bear children and therefore makes men more attracted in nature to this type of woman.

This section is aimed at women; however, men are free to use these programs as it depends on what your goal is when exercising/toning and how you want your body to look. I specifically aim for women since my previous section seems quite “Men” related. If you’re a woman, read my earlier articles as it gives an insight into what to look for in terms of technique, diet, rest, motivation. Furthermore, the exercises mentioned before for Men are easily implemented in women’s muscle building workouts plan, only it needs some tweaking which ill explains later.


Gym/ Exercise Plan (For Women)

Unlike my previous muscle-building workouts plan for men with only a few exercises. For women, I’ll concentrate on the whole body with some emphasis on specific areas. The training involves a lot more exercises and techniques to consider. This is still an introductory article, so ill try and keep things simple and highlight the main points throughout.

Monday: Upper Body

  1. 1Bench press (Muscle Group; Chest)
  2. 2Shoulder Press
  3. 3Dumbbell Curls (Muscle Group; Biceps)
  4. 4Lying Triceps
  5. 5Lat Pulldown (Muscle Group; Upper and lower back, Biceps)
  6. 6Machine or Dumbbell Fly (Muscle Group; Chest and supporting muscles)

Do 45-50 total reps of each exercise; using a weight, you can lift 12 to 15 times before your speed slows down or your form changes. Rest about 60 seconds between sets.

– Important Note: If I don’t provide pictures or videos on the above or following exercises, then it means I have shown it before in my previous articles, such as; weight training for beginners

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Lower Body

  1. 1Medicine Ball Squats (Muscle group; Quadriceps and Glutes)
  2. 2Squats (Muscle group; Quadriceps and Glutes)
  3. 3Dumbbell lunge or step-up (Muscle group; Hamstring, Glutes)
  4. 4Calf/ Foot Raises

Do 45-50 total reps of every exercise; using a weight, you can lift 12 to 15 times before your pace slows down or your form changes. Rest 45 to 60 seconds between sets.

NOTE: Try and invest in a medicine ball at home as it is especially crucial for women with toning, stretching, and flexibility.

Thursday: Rest


  1. 1Medicine Ball crunches
  2. 2Plank– It is important for women with weak pelvic muscles. Also, it helps strengthens the core supporting muscles around the stomach region– If you can’t do the standard plank position, try going on knees initially (going on knees shows your weak core muscles).– The aim is at least 30 seconds to a minute and does as many as you can air Bike Enter your text here.
  3. 3Air Bike
  4. 4Lying Leg Raises

Do 50-60 total reps of each exercise, with each set, comprises 18-20 reps before your speed slows down or your form changes. Rest about 60 seconds between sets.

NOTE: It is essential to do Abs with the proper technique. DON’T listen to people who say do 1000 crunches a day etc., because that’s detrimental to your progress for nice tone abs and might cause injury problems, especially in the lower back area. Remember to concentrate on the contraction of Abs and technique. It’s not about the number of reps you do, but how you do it.

Saturday and Sundays

Those two days could be your “rest days,” or for better results body-wise, implement cardio work into your routine or repeat one of those weight training exercise days into a Saturday or Sunday. Also, “rest days” such as Tuesday and Thursday could be cardio days as most women would rather be nice and lean rather than pack on muscle.


Additional Pointers (for Women)

Every few weeks, try to mix your exercises and routines, so your body is not used to them. For example, instead of doing Wednesday’s workout on a Wednesday, do it on a Monday and vice versa. This helps with the body never being used to your muscle-building workouts because once your body gets used to something, the results will plateau, and it will seem like you are never improving.

As these workouts are more for women, I would imagine no woman wants to look like some incredible hulk. However, improvement is always the key in any exercise you do in Cardio or weights. So once you get to a suitable weight you can lift with each exercise, DON’T continue doing the same weight and reps/ sets each week. At least try to incorporate more reps or more sets in each workout with the same weight, so you don’t get bigger muscles BUT a more toned effect. The result will be a leaner you that has muscle endurance without compromising your natural womanly figure and is generally stronger overall in each body part.

Concluding thoughts

Once you start seeing results, you will realize that continually improving your weight lifting potential and getting a beast or cut will give you more focus to strive for higher goals.

Remember, my main tips/ points from this article’s muscle-building workouts plan apply to not just men but also women. Try to follow the diet, guidelines, get enough rest, and above all else, have fun exercising and be motivated to be healthy.

Once you start seeing results, you will realize that continually improving your weight training potential, getting stronger and toned, will give you more focus to strive for higher goals. The result will be a sexy new you.

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