10 Natural Weight Loss Tips with Daily Food & Diet Chart

By reading this blog, you have made the initial step of changing your situation you are currently in and becoming a healthier, sustainable human being.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there are probably thousands of diet programs about weight loss out there in society ranging from caveman diet to lemon diet to south beach diet to no carb diet, and the list goes on.

Weight Loss Tips

What we don’t realize is, instead of buying all these diets and wasting money on them, we should start the following process to weight loss by breaking it down into simple mini-steps. Buying all these programs because you think they are a quick fix to your overweight frame or flabby stomach will only do more harm than good to you and your body.


Analyze Your Self

Analyze Your Self

Analyze Your Self

By trying not to sound too much, the following steps will hopefully give insight that weight loss can be simple and maybe fun to an individual:

  • Look yourself in the mirror, preferably without a shirt on. This action should be an accurate weight Loss Tip indication if you’re overweight, fat, average, skinny, etc. Tell yourself honestly because we can only be our real judge. DO NOT weigh yourself as putting a number to your weight problems will only affect your mindset, and you might eat a doughnut because of the stress of knowing your 20 Kilos over the recommended range.
  • You are writing down achievable aims in what you truly want to achieve with your body or lifestyle and look at them as mini-goals. E.g., it could be to lose waist size, get stronger or get fitter, etc.
  • You need to write down what you usually eat during the day as this helps you understand what you need to change in your diet and identify why you got to this stage. After you have written down your regular eating routine, go to any calorie calculator online and put your foods into it. Calculate your calorie content (you this free calorie calculator) and compare it with your recommended intake in terms of your physical activity and height. This activity is needed as calories vary from person to person, and not everyone needs 2400 calories a day. This is only a benchmark and not to be taken seriously or followed religiously.
  • Finally, to get started, join a gym and hire a trainer to help you with your process if you have the money. Or continue to read our blog on specific aspects of weight loss and healthy living.

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There’s only one method to weight loss rapidly and with little effort from you. It’s not about happening diet, take diet supplements, or be a bodybuilder.It’s a mixture of 3 factors: mindset, workout you like, along with eating habits healthily.Weight loss comes from your brain. If you would like badly to get rid of weight, you need to first believe for the reason that you’ll make it happen.

Should you develop a proper mindset, you’ll lose weight and exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, enjoy yourself doing the work, and lose extra body fat permanently! It’s that easy; You will notice results the moment you’ll have the ability to switch your old body fat mindsets to suit your mindset.

The technique I used with my clients would be to replace old values with new weight loss ideas.

“Old values Reality / New Ideas.”

  • After I have spare time / I’ll start training, I have to plan when you should start training.
  • Losing body fat is too difficult / Losing body fat is simple when taken a measure at any given time.
  • I don’t have enough time / I have to become more organized to convey more time.
  • I don’t have understanding / You will find plenty of information that will help me gain this understanding.
  • I receive frustrated when searching inside my weight / It’s not extra weight but my feelings about weight loss and my fitness that triggers my discouragement.
  • I’ve attempted it before losing body fat and obtain fit, and it doesn’t work / It’ll work this time around for me.
  • I’ll be so tired after exercises and obtain discomfort within the muscles the weight loss following day / I’ll discover the workout that fit me and uncovers the pleasure of working out.

Your brand-new ideas ought to be your brand-new values. You compile them. If, for whatever reason, you recall the old values change them into brand new ones. Once you have change mindsets, you have to set your weight loss goals.


Water Diet

Water Diet

Water Diet

Everyone is concerned about the most effective way to make their body more healthy and attractive. That is why many humans are in constant search of the most appropriate diet, which would help them lose surplus weight and would not be too exhausting at the same time. Unfortunately, there is no such diet during which you would not have to make endeavors, so don’t believe in fast and easy weight loss promised to form TV screens and magazines pages. However, there isn’t cruel at all and is considered one of the healthiest weight loss techniques among all.

We are talking about a water diet that will help you lose weight and sanctify your whole organism in combination with the proper nutrition and active way of life. Many people believe that when they are trying to lose weight, they need to decrease their food intake and water consumption. This is wrong! Water is excellent for weight loss because it has zero calories, keeps you full, and dissolves fat, so you need to drink as much water as possible.

A water diet will be to the taste of everyone who wants to look and feel better as it will help cope with two tasks at once: melt away the annoying fat and fulfill the amount of water vital for our body. Besides, the diet is straightforward and doesn’t imply any starvation or complex exercises. All you need is to drink water and lose weight!

So what is the rule of a water weight loss diet? You want to drink water not less than two liters every day – it will contribute to the loss of appetite and loss of weight as well. You may wonder how weight loss and water are connected, but everything is quite apparent.

The main secret of water weight loss lies in the natural value of water for our organism. As you know, our body comprises 80% of liquid, so drinking enough pure water is a must. We must restore the amount of vital liquid to feel good and look healthy. Otherwise, your hair will dry, your skin will look unattractive, you’ll notice wrinkles on your face, and you even can feel some disease trying to overcome you from the inside. And all these negative consequences are caused by a simple lack of water. But how is it connected with your weight? The fact is that you can also experience severe problems with digestion if your organism doesn’t get enough water, and the most obvious result of this problem is, of course, excess weight.

By drinking water to lose weight, you will be able to get rid of surplus kilos and help your body become healthier, which in its turn is an excellent formula for a good mood and a happy being. Water contains natural microelements our organism requires, e.g., oxygen and minerals, which help clear your body of chemical waste, and this is the way you will lose weight.

A water weight loss diet is the one that will fit every woman and even man who’d like to stick to a healthy way of life and want to lose weight without any extra endeavors and, what is especially important, naturally and healthily. But don’t do it thoughtlessly! Before trying this type of diet, learn its peculiarities and cautions carefully to achieve a successful result and not harm your health instead of improving it.

Like any other diet, the water diet has its precautions, and you must take them into account. The first important thing you should allow for concerns the state of your health. If you don’t experience any health problems, you can try drinking water to lose weight. But those who suffer from congestive heart disease or problems with kidneys need to consult the doctor to find out whether it is allowed to drink a lot of water as in this case their health can be at risk. The physician must examine the problem and prescript the amount of water that would not harm your organism.

Water weight loss The point is that when you drink an unusual amount of water (which is more significant than you take every day), your kidneys start working actively. If you gulp down several glasses of water before the meal, you will eat less, but your stomach will produce a lot of gastric juice, much more than is necessary for food digestion. If it happens regularly soon, you can obtain gastritis or ulcer. That is why it is recommended to consult the doctor or not go too far with drinking water to lose weight.

There are some general indications for using water as a component that will not only improve your health but allow you to get rid of surplus pounds as well. If you are interested in water weight loss, you need to know these rules:

  • Don’t drink water while eating. You need to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before you have a meal and then only 2 hours after eating. If you drink water while eating, it will slow down the metabolism process, leading to weight loss.
  • Don’t drink anything except pure water. Avoid flavored, aerated water and water which contains artificial sweetening. It would help if you also effused caffeine or at least reduce its amount in your daily menu.
  • Watch your nutrition. If you decided to try the water diet, you need to watch what you eat. Only drinking water to lose weight won’t be enough to achieve success until you eat a lot of unhealthy food. So give up eating saline, bloated and spicy food.

Can drinking water help you lose weight? For sure! But don’t forget that the water diet does not replace any other food you stick to; it just supplements it to correct your nutrition and make your body healthier in outward appearance and from within. Don’t forget to do some regular exercises if you want to get even better results in constructing a perfect body. And remember – water diet is the kind of one which appears to be your way of life, not just food, as water is a vital component which helps us look and feel good during the whole experience.


Define Weight loss Goal

Define Weight loss Goal

Define Weight loss Goal

Now hopefully, by reading step 1 of this article, you have written down your goals, used the calorie calculator to add up your average intake of foods, and realized, “WOW, I can’t believe eating a Big Mac is half of my recommended daily calorie intake.” It might have been a shock based on your physical activity levels of at most walking to work from the train station or to the fridge that you have exceeded your daily calorie limit by a considerable amount. Australians are ranked 7th and consume 3,280 calories on the “average daily calorie intake per person” list.

Furthermore, this shouldn’t be a further shock that you are probably unhealthy, fat (Not big-boned), and have decreased your life expectancy by 12 years. However, there is hope. It’s up to YOU to get your life back on track so you can lead sustainable healthy living and maybe see your grandchildren grow up. The significant first step we need to take is breaking down weight loss into several parts. My first part is diet; the second is specific exercises in your program; and lastly, time management issues.

Changing your diet is very, VERY important in achieving weight loss goals. The consensus says that food is 50% important in making weight loss while exercising comprises the other 50%. If you think about and what you are currently eating on your regular day, it’s not hard to see why food is the root of the problem. 50% is around the park figure, and only use it as a benchmark for your goals. 40% food, 40% exercise, and 20% mental or motivation should be a proper benchmark to follow for your weight loss goals.

Once we have a sustainable diet that is followed comfortably, it will provide you with enough energy and nutrition throughout the day. We then can proceed to exercise and what you should focus on in terms of your goals and objectives.


Forget about Junk Food

Forget about junk food

Forget about junk food

In part one of this series, I got you wrote down a list of the daily foods you eat, and calorie counted them. The next step is to write up a new daily food list and wipe out all the food groups that are considered junk that seem pretty high. Hopefully, you have some common sense to realize what is considered a NO NO type of food, and if it tastes incredible, it probably has 1,00,000 ingredients inside of it that are not very good for that body of yours. Some examples include KFC, MacDonald, Pizza Hut, Hungry Jacks, and the list.

Junk food is another killer of success. It is empty in energy and rich in calories – precisely the thing you don’t need. Very often, all it takes to lose weight is to kick the junk food off your diet and replace it with fruits and veggies.

Forget about alcohol and carbonated drinks. Like junk food, junk drinks, such as alcohol and carbonated drinks, are rich in calories and deficient in valuable substances, so the sooner you kick them out of your diet, the better.

Note: to give you an idea, eating a pizza or eating a Big Mac meal takes 30 mins to an hour of jogging to burn those calories you just consumed, and those foods roughly equal your recommended calorie intake for the day, AND it’s only ONE MEAL!!! UNLESS you’re Michael Phelps or some elite athlete, you should try and keep these types of foods to a minimum. Like trying to quit smoking, it will power, weaning, and time to realize that the foods I recommend will make you feel much better every day, resulting in improved mentality and body.

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Avoid Comfort Eating.

Comfort eating is another thing that can ruin your weight loss efforts. Food is neither a reward nor a stress reliever, and when you eat not because you are hungry but because you have nothing better to do, this can quickly amass pounds.

Next, break down your food plan to breakfast, snack 1, lunch, snack 2, tea, dinner. Eating regularly and six meals a day helps you sustain energy levels and will help you feel satisfied or not hungry all the time. However, there is an exception to this rule or guideline you hear from the professionals, and that is you don’t need to have six small meals. 3-4 meals a day is sufficient as long as you are eating enough of the RIGHT foods. Also, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, followed by lunch and lastly dinner.

Thinking about it logically, eating a big breakfast and lunch will give you enough energy needed throughout the day and gives you the best chance to lose weight through exercise. In contrast, dinner is close to your bed/recovery time, where carbohydrates should keep calories to a minimum as sleeping is an inactive activity.

Probably not many people know that it matters not only what you eat but also when you eat it. When you eat late and go to bed right away, the food you ate isn’t be processed, and most of it is stored as fat. Even if you eat less but do it late at night, you can gain weight before you can say, “One, two, three!”


Food Groups

Now we are down to the specifics of what foods YOU should eat to provide the best results in weight loss. I will give some sample food plans you can follow, but you should develop a similar recommended plan to follow regularly to fit your time and lifestyle. I will break it down to the recommended food groups and then some fat-burning foods that will help in weight loss.

Recommended food group tables

Food Groups
Lean red meats Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb, Kangaroo, Rabbit
Seafood All fish, all crabs, lobster, prawns, scallops, octopus, calamari
Fowl Chicken, turkey, duck, eggs
Offal Liver, Kidney, Brains, tripe, Heart
Other Tofu, Soya extenders
Carbohydrates – Complex (high starch and low sugar component)
Legumes Lentils, beans, peas
Root vegetable grains Potato, sweet potato, parsnips
Grains Rice, rolled oats, semolina
Others Tapioca, pasta, rice noodles
Carbohydrates – Low-calorie vegetables (Fibrous)
All green vegetables Asparagus, Green beans, broccoli, cabbage, capsicum, cucumber, spinach, Zucchini
Coloured vegetables and fungi Carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, ginger, radish, baby corn, mushrooms
Simple Carbohydrates – with high sugar and little to no starch
Low sugar – low-calorie fruit Grapefruit, Guava, lemon, lime, rockmelon, strawberries, tomato, watermelon
High sugar fruit Apples, apricots, bananas, all berries, cherries, grapes, kiwi fruit, lychee, mandarins, mangoes, oranges, passion fruit, pawpaws, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, prunes, raspberries
High sugar vegetables Beetroot, corn, potato

In your daily eating plan, try to pick as many of these foods as you can and which ones you can bear to eat or don’t mind eating.

Sometimes you hear that you should only eat egg whites from the egg. However, taking out the yolk is if you don’t like the taste of eggs; otherwise, it’s lovely to eat the whole egg as they provide you with essential protein, fats, and carbs.


Fat burning foods

Fat burning foods

Fat burning foods

Fat-burning foods list – these foods will help maximize the losing weight component of your goal. Try to implement these foods in your diet, and you should see results in no time at all. For the complete list of fat-burning foods, go to.

  • Fruits – apples, berries, lemons, mangoes, oranges, pineapples
  • Vegetables – tomatoes, chili, broccoli, carrots, avocado
  • Protein– eggs, beans, salmon and tuna (keep to at least three times a week), lean cuts of meat, e.g. turkey
  • Others that are equally important– oatmeal, whole grain bread, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, almonds, soybeans, lentils.
  • Limit sweets an​​​​​d fats. Well, this might sound a bit of a sacrifice, but desserts and fats are two groups of food that can torpedo your weight loss diets. You shouldn’t cut sweets and fats entirely because your body needs small quantities of them, but you should limit their intake a lot.


Healthy Daily Eating Plan

Suggested a healthy daily eating plan:

Meal 1
  • One glass of milk
  • 6 tablespoons of oats
  • 1 tablespoon of honey, two slices of pawpaw
  • Two eggs
Meal 2
  • Two rice crackers
  • tuna, avocado
  • fruit
  • 500ml of water
Meal 3
  • Pasta (preferably brown)
  • Green vegetables
  • Salad and 1 Litre of water
Meal 4
  • Salmon, Brown bread
Meal 5
  • Grilled Fish or chicken, green vegetables, fruit and 500mL of water

Note: It is assumed with this meal plan that you are at least doing some physical activity. However, if you have no time to follow this daily food plan with physical exercise, you can try and take out 1 or 2 of the meal plans





When you follow a weight loss plan, it usually tells you only what to eat. Diet alone can’t help you to lose weight, especially permanently. If you want to lose weight, you do need to exercise. This is a fundamental principle of weight loss, and no matter if you hate it or not, you can’t skip it.

  • Don’t try to lose weight fast. Again, another popular weight loss myth is that it is good to lose weight fast. Fast weight loss might have a sales appeal, but this isn’t the way to lose weight permanently. A pound or two a week is the limit if you want to lose weight forever and if you don’t want to harm your health.
  • Don’t give up. If you have more experience with weight loss, you probably know that at one point, called the weight loss plateau, you stop losing weight, no matter how much you exercise and how few calories you take. This point is unpleasant, but it is part of the process, so don’t give up. Instead, keep exercising and counting your calories, and after some time, weight loss will resume.
  • Don’t rely on weight loss pills. Weight loss pills might look like the easy way to your ideal figure, but unless you are clinically obese, these pills are not for you. There are harmless weight loss pills, but pills that can seriously interfere with your metabolism, which means you will have even more weight loss problems in the future.


You might have seen thick books about weight loss and weight loss plans that span on numerous pages, but if you want to lose weight, there are just a few basic things you need to know. Yes, weight loss is as simple as this, and here are some of these essential weight loss tips you can’t do without. Weight loss isn’t rocket science. Its basic principles are simple, but we somehow manage to complicate them. If you follow these ten tips, there is no way you won’t be able to lose weight permanently.

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